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Credit card companies are imposing new fees which could hit thousands of customers who buy gift vouchers or indulge in the occasional flutter. Barclays debit card withdrawals have a 2. The introduction of this fee is solely the decision of Barclaycard, barclaucard is in no way related to or approved by Paddy Power.

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Have a Forum account? Search Post reply Subscribe to thread. Gambling charge free credit cards? Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a credit card that doesn't charge for gambling sites. Your help would be much appreciated. Last edited by wilky80; at There are currently no thanks for this post. Gordon the Moron replied: It will be buried in their terms and conditions but checking all of them will take longer. I don't use gambling sites and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, but its your money so your choice so I don't know which do and which don't charge.

If you can't find one that doesn't gambling betting how about opening a current gambling betting with a high street bank that doesn't require you to deposit a fixed amount or your salary into it then just deposit what you need for gambling in it and using the debit gambling betting, provided you can get a visa debit card that shouldn't be a problem and if you don't have the cash to gamble with you shouldn't be borrowing to do it with a credit card.

I can confirm that First Direct don't and I don't think Barclaycard do either though haven't tested this myself. You might get a better response on the Gambling Introductory Offers board where people will be regularly using credit cards on gambling sites.

Users saying Thanks 1. None of them will give you this free - as Gordon the Moron nice name pointed out, they treat it all as Cash Advances. Which not only come with a handling fee, but also a nice large APR as well. Last edited by sdj25; at 5: Barclaycard definately don't charge a cash advance fee for gambling transactions.

They are treated as purchases and you pay the standard purchase interest rate. However, as others pointed out, gambling on credit cards interest gambling not a good idea since there is the risk of 'temptation' leaving you financially crippled with a Maxed out card. It is far more sensible to use a debit card if you do gamble.

Well Interest gambling stand corrected Adam. I shall change my answer to "most of them will charge you" sorry for being "Wrong! I use Nationwide, Morgan Stanley and Skycard indian casino ratings various bookies without ever being charged a cash advance fee. God save casino near yosemite Queen!

Chadsman I wanted to take out a Sky card for that very reason as I turn over a substantial amount of money in gambling transactions. I phoned them a couple of months ago and was told that gambling transactions are deemed to be cash advances.

I phoned them again 2 minutes ago on the basis of your quote and was told again. I am sure that you haven't been charged at all however I am wondering gambling betting you could tell me whether you are betting with companies that sound like bookies or bookies that go thorugh a third party to maybe get around this.

You feedbacl would be appreciated. I bet with normal betting sites direct I have had the Skycard for about 7 months and never yet been charged a cash advance fee for deposits at any bookie including bet, totesport, premierbet, totalbet, betfred, sportingodds, sportingbet, betuk, victor chandler, bluesq, paddy power, betdirect, skybet, extrabet, ukbetting, stan jmaes, ladbrokes and coral.

I would imagine the CS rep didnt know the answer so rather than say there is no fee and then risk a fee appearing on barclaycard statement and have you complain, it was safer to say no, because no one is ever going to complain they were told they would be charged a fee and then they were not!

Thanks everyone, I've applied for Sky Card as it is also run through Barclay card. I do use a debit card on my seperate betting account, but the credit card is there for back up should I need it. Don't worry, I am sensible and know when to stop if my system lets me down which I doubt. Its a fast growing problem on the internet and a significant number of people are in dire trouble with it. Anybody who tells you barclaycard interest never lose at betting are incurably self-deluded.

Shuffle up and deal! Furthermore does anyone know if you can transfer the money [originally from the credit cards] from gambling sites on2 a debit card????? MBNA issued cards DO charge a cash advance fee for deposits at bookie You can with some bookies transfer winnings funded by a credit card back to a debit gambling betting, more frequently you can BACS interest to a current account.

With other bookies winnings can only be sent back to the card that originally funded the account. Does anyone know if Nationwide charge a cash advance fee for gambling, I want to use mine to put some money into a pokerstars account, after the advice I gave above lol. The reason for that though is a friend of mine who doesn't have a card that they will accept he's just turned 18 and doesn't have anything but a crappy cashcard, not even solo or electron wants me to put some money on for him and he's going to pay me the cash, it is going in as dollars so I want to use a Nationwide card, it can be either my debit or credit card, using osage indian casino debit card I'll have to pay the money in first as there's not enough in my account, using the credit card I can pay it off with the rest of my card bill, much easier if they don't charge a fee.

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Shortly Barclaycard will start charging for "gambling transactions" as My related costs to having a bet have tumbled since joining Betfair. Barclaycard definately don't charge a cash advance fee for If your going to gamble £ and lose, you might end up paying interest on that £ . I do use a debit card on my seperate betting account, but the credit card is  Unexpected Cash Advance on Barclaycard Initial. betting, lotteries, Visa travel money cards, money wire transfers and casino Online gambling is now treated as a cash transaction by most major credit Barclaycard and Halifax round up the interest you are charged in a.